How do I find a therapist who meets my needs?

Consider these variables when seeking the right therapist for you:

What is your pressing issue to address? Try to define it and write it down. Does the therapist have training in that specific issue? Specialties require additional training. Just like in medicine, not every physician is trained to treat every issue.

Does the therapist have openings? Therapists see clients often for several months or longer in a row, limiting the flexibility in their schedule. They will have periods of time where they can not take a new client. If your need is pressing, keep looking do not wait to get started.

Location: Search engines will allow you to search by zip code.

Time available to see the therapist: If you have a tight schedule or travel, ask about these limitations in your schedule during the first phone call to ensure your ongoing needs can be met.

How do you plan to pay for your therapy; insurance or fee for service? If it is insurance, begin with the therapists on the panel of your policy. Their website will be able to help match you based on issue and zip code. If it is fee for service, simply find a therapist and call to discuss your needs. See sites listed below.

Look below to find the right fit for you:

EMDR therapy: is an Orlando area professional group of EMDR therapists is a national EMDR professional association which lists EMDR therapists by location, areas of expertise and level of credentials is the original EMDR therapist training organization and lists all therapists trained under their program

www.PsychologyToday.comis a paid site therapists host their practices on. You can search by zip, area of need, insurance and more. is just like Psychology Today listed above.

Couples Therapy:

Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples is a powerful method to help bring couples closer. 

The Gottman Method helps couples develop missing skills and knowledge.

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