EMDR Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol
EMDR Group Traumatic Event Protocol 

As an EMDR therapist, would you like to work more effectively with trauma that has just recently occurred in your client's life? Clients often present requesting assistance to manage an ongoing disturbing experience or an episode of ongoing disturbing life experiences. These experiences could be a serious medical issue, unexpected death or loss, community disaster or other struggles that have not yet ended and remain challenging when facing the future. Did you know that early treatment of disturbing life experiences assists clients to restore their balance and cope more effectively with the unfolding of an ongoing struggle. 

The Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (RTEP) is a comprehensive conceptual framework that incorporates Early EMDR Intervention (EEI) along with innovative measures for containment and safety to create an effective protocol for reducing sensitization and accumulation of trauma memories. G-TEP is a group protocol.   Would you like to be better equipped to respond to a group, couple or family utilizing the G-TEP protocol which builds on the R-TEP protocol? Learn to apply G-TEP 1:1 or in a group. Both of these protocols can be delivered either in the same room or virtually with Telehealth. 

What makes this R-TEP/G-TEP training special?

  • Reg and Bill Brislin, co-presenter,  work closely with Elan Shapiro and Brurit Laub, developers, to remain up to date on advancements of these protocols and research.
  • Newest versions: The latest updates to the protocols, manuals, scripts and worksheets will be shared.
  • Each protocol includes a practicum experience which is a chance to practice in greater depth under supportive and encouraging supervision.
  • The training is currently delivered virtually due to COVID. Many training participants have found the virtual learning environment to also build their confidence in practicing in a virtual format. In 2020, Reg completed 10 trainings and 8 trainings were delivered virtually. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify when early EMDR intervention is appropriate
  • Apply early EMDR clinical skills with additional measures for containment and safety
  • Recognize key features, procedures and concepts for the R-TEP protocol
  • Identify and comprehend key features, procedures and concepts of the Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP)
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP) in their clinical practice
  • Evaluate the significance of the G-TEP and early interventions for your clients.

To learn more or register for the next training, go to https://connectemdr.com/recent-traumatic-episode-protocol-group-traumatic-episode-protocol/

 If you would like to host a 2 day R-TEP/G-TEP training event in your community or agency for therapists who are already EMDR trained, please email Reg at [email protected] or call Reg at 407-808-9932.

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